Marcel Messing

Helo: Conversation with Jorn Luka

Helo: Conversation with Jorn Luka

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Helo: Conversation with Jorn Luka

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‘Jorn Luka: For this 42nd episode we traveled (once again) to the south of France, to a small village in the Pyrenees. We were invited here by Marcel Messing himself. Understandable for the second time because Marcel still had a lot of things to discuss that we didn’t get to last time.

This time we were not in his living room, but we were in his impressive library. During our first visit we already got an extensive tour. My mouth literally dropped open in surprise. The amount of knowledge stored there is unbelievable. A mecca for people who want to learn more about how our world works. Marcel reads 3 books a day himself, so an extensive library is urgently needed. Extremely grateful that we were able to let the conversation take place in this inspiring place.

In this conversation Marcel and I went into more detail about what exactly will await us in the future (also in the short term) and since he has been somewhat right on every point after writing his book, we wake up in 2006. I like the man. It’s about HAARP, fake alien invasion, etc.

He not only tells us what to expect, but also what we can do to prepare ourselves. And especially in a spiritual sense. The way in. Stripping away your accumulated person. Your ego. Free yourself from the mental prison. The role of spirituality and with it the influence of false spirituality/spiritual bypassing and new age.