Marcel Messing

Desire is extinguished

Lijst van Artikelen

Desire is extinguished

The day
of full understanding will come,
the day when all the stars
in their orbits have been surveyed,
the serpent of life
that bites its own tail 
has been caught,
hunger for all kinds of food
has been appeased.

It is the day
when the last illusion
evaporates in clear insight,
the cyclical mind
discovers itself as endless desire
lost in a labyrinth of lies.
It is the day
when true peace arises in the heart
after the flame of desire is extinguished.

It is the day 
of liberation from all delusions,
of a complete dying before death,
the day when no desire is cherished anymore.
It is the day
of a restless absorption into universal peace,
of an extinguishing of all becoming,
suffering and sorrow,
of going without going anywhere,
of arriving without having left somewhere.